MT4 Prop Firms EA

As with the growing business in forex market, There are many brokers that they offer you some funded accounts to trade in forex market. But before giving you account, you would have to pass their challenge. Sometimes there is only a single challenge but sometimes there are different faces of challenges that you have to pass in order to get their funded account to trade with.

So the forex prop firms EA is especially designed for this particular purpose to win the these challenges and then after change it to a simple EA that can trade in market just as low risked EA. 

The EA comes with different strategies that has different trading styles and different risk combination. Further this forex prop firms robot has option for normal trading or challenge mode, As you can see in the videos below. When you are using the EA to win a challenge, you should select the EA as challenge mode and when you are using it for your normal account or after winning challenge, you should select normal account mode.

This prop firm forex EA can be called challenge EA, because its especially designed for challenge winning as it has all the options that a broker require, like daily target, daily DD, weekly, monthly targets and DD levels. Then it has bad market avoiding system, automatic news filter, non stop running, fully automatic and much more. 


Multi Strategies
EA comes with multiple strategies with different combination of risk and trading style. A user has choice to choose strategy from the EA inputs. 
Specialized Features
All the features given in this EA are specialized for the prop firms accounts either you are using it to before or after challenge. So the option given in the EA inputs to choose.
Targets and DD limits
The EA comes with daily, weekly, monthly targets system and drawdown limits. You can set these limits and targets in the EA inputs and then set the auto restart functions to restart.
Each pair Targets and DD Limits
Every pair running on account will be analyzed separately. So a user can setup the target and limits from the EA inputs to keep going with good performing pairs and avoid bad performing pairs.
Bad Market Prevention
With fully automatic and different market analysis the EA detects the bad market movements and pause trading to avoid any bad impact on account. Then auto restart.
Fully Automatic
The EA is fully automatic that it can handle all the market situations by itself and doesn't need any manual operation. Just one time installation is enough for this EA.
Account Protection
There are different inputs to protect your trading account as dead stop limits, targets systems, higher spread prevention, higher lots alerts system..

Requirements to Use EA


At least 1k balance for normal account and 100k for prop firms account


1:500 for normal account and 1:50 for prop firms account


A normal type of VPS that keeps the EA running 24 hours.