MT4 Hedge Scalper EA

Scalping and Hedging at the same time were not that easy, and using these both strategies together can make a good profit in forex market. This MT4 forex hedge scalper expert advisor makes this possible to trade in forex market using these two strategies together. This forex robot use hedging to keep your account safe and uses scalping strategy to make a good profit.

The system doesn't only depends on the hedging and scalping, but also uses a correlation system with different symbols that are running in account. and try it best to support weaker pair using profit from other winning pairs. further more the EA comes with many filter system, like avoiding news events automatically, avoiding huge trended markets, high spreads charged by brokers and so on.

Hedge scalper forex robot can be used on about 20 pairs at the same time. the minimum investment for this EA is only 1000 balance. and the leverage 1:400 or higher required. This is a not stop running forex EA that doesn't need to be stopped at any situation because the EA can handle every situation by itself as its fully automated. Due to this reason this EA require a VPS that let this system run non stop.

Main features


The EA uses hedging strategy in when this is required according to market condition.


The system do scalping to maximize the profit


Correlation strategy used in the EA to make a consistent profit and support losing pairs.

100% Automatic

This is a totally automatic robot to install only one time and let it run for non stop

News Filter

We made a automatic news detection system in the EA to avoid high impact news.

Huge Trend Avoider

There is automatic huge trend avoider system to avoid huge moves in market.

Spread Filter

To avoid huge spread, the EA uses spread filter system to avoid high spread.

Market Analysis

The EA use automatic analysis system to predict the market trend.

Auto Ajustable

EA can adopt itself to your broker requirements. and its auto adjustable for each type of account.

Requirements to Use EA

1000$ or higher is required to run this EA in safe mode. otherwise 500$ would be ok.


The EA require 1:400 or higher leverage. But EA can't work on lower leverage


A good VPS is required to run this EA non stop. But VPS latency doesn't matter.

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