Consisten Growth

We offer you the best forex expert advisers that can make a consistent and reliable account growth, You doesn't need to worry about anything when you are using our forex robots. The Account grow consistent and safely.

Relaxed Forex Trading

Using our forex trading system makes you feel relaxed because you will be able to trust it as it can handle all the market conditions as it uses multiple strategies that the EA will adopt itself to current market conditions.

Fully Automated

We offer you fully automated forex trading robots that can work non stop in the forex market without any human intervention. You just need to install it only one time and then it can handle everything by itself.


Forex trading has never been easy and profitable, but we brought you the best forex trading expert advisors that can work non stop 24 hours in forex market to make a good profit. Our forex robots are best because we have more than 12 years experience in forex market. So if you are using our forex trading robot, you doesn’t need to worry about any thing in the market that how does market behave in different conditions. There are many people who lose their money in forex but we don’t work like them. If you are looking for a forex expert advisor that can make a huge profit in one night, then you are in wrong platform because we doesn’t offer any forex robot that can make a huge profit in one night, but we work in forex market to generate a good profit but in safe way. If you are looking for a reliable, longer term and safe to your investment forex robot, then you are on right place. Here we offer you some of our best forex EAs.

Paid Forex Robots

Forex Hedging Robot

Forex Hedging Robot is available in MT4 & MT5 version. This is based on hedging strategy and grid strategy.

Forex Hedge Scalper Robot

Hedge scalper EA available in MT4 & MT5 version. This EA uses hedging and scalping strategy together keeping the market situation in view. It comes with multiple selectable strategies.

Forex Correlation Robot

Forex Correlation Expert Advisor comes in MT4 & MT5 version. This EA makes a correlation between multiple pairs and hedge them together. 

Prop Firms EA

Prop Firms EA available in MT4 & MT5 version. This EA is suitable for prop firms challenge winning or using as normal EA after winning a challenge or on a normal account. Suitable for faster growth.

Forex Scalping Robot

Scalper Robot only available in MT4 version. This EA uses a scalping strategy for short run market, or suitable for day trader.

Forex Trend EA

Forex Trend EA to predict the market trend and then go on with market flow. This EA comes only in MT4 version. Suitable for long run trading.

Averaging EA
Auto Trailing EA
TP & SL Adjustment EA
View Trades on Chart

Use to analyze the historical trades, it will plot all the trades icon on chart to see each and every trade open and close price and time.

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