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  1. I have been using Hedge Scalper for almost 4 months. Initially, I was skeptical about how the EA. But after watching the YouTube videos for some time, it gave me confidence, and thought of giving it a try with a demo account for a few weeks. It gave a good result and then connected to my live account in July-23.

    My live account is up by 104% (Oct-23) in 3.5 months.

    I subscribed to another account back in Sep-23 and this portfolio is 23% by now.

    The author is really responsive and gives great support. If anyone wants to try the Hedge Scalper, go ahead and try it. It’s really worth it.

  2. the first thing i would like to say that its first time that i have got what you guys show us in youtube videos. because mostly it happen that people don’t give the same thing. and the other thing is that your support is really amazing and i get almost instant reply for my messages anytime i send. also the ea is doing very well and would like to take all the other eas soon hopyfully.

  3. Unbelievable results. i started the hedge scalper with 1k balance as it was suggested by and then it keep growing for 20% a month. but then later on i have increased lots to make it a bit faster. now its running with 0.02 lots but eatrades suggested me 0.01. Now i am making about 30% to 40% a month.
    So far so good situation and would like to recommend others.

    1. Dear sir. I’m willing to buy Hedge scalper EA, based on yours as well as on other guys testimonial also. Are you serious? Can I trust you?

      Congratulations for the EA, keep going!!!

  4. correlation for mt5 trading platform is good one. but the hedge scalper EA is little risky. but still i am using both of them with safe mode trading.

  5. i have 3 of their expert advisors.
    1, hedge scalper
    2, Gold EA
    3, Correlation EA
    i have got all of their experts one by one. and fully satisfied with result. if you follow the given rules and go along with given instruction i think it won’t be easy to lose. now i am planning to take an other two robo. scalper ea and hedge robo.

    1. I bought Hedge Scalper EA about 3week ago and used it on demo account for the first 2 weeks. it was really amazing then switched to real account and its working really great.
      Thanks author.

  6. after a year of using hedge scalper. i can say that it really worth of money. but you must follow the instruction given by eatrades only then you can have good results

  7. Just received the expert by email and tested it on my account backtest. its almost same as your videos. im gonna put it on demo account and then later on will check it on live account. but thanks u

  8. no doubt that the robots are good but all i like about you guys that your support is really amazing. whenever i send any email, you reply so quick with complete instructions

  9. You guys really have good robots. to be honest i got all the same stuff what you guys shown in your website. good yeah. cheers!.

    1. thank for your feedback. and thanks for choosing our forex expert advisor. Further you can check other EAs like hedging EA, forex scalper ea, forex trend eas

  10. i have bought so many eas recently. but nothing works well.. but this hedge scalper ea looks promising. using this ea for about 3 months and the restults till now is in profit.

  11. wow.. the profit is always in positive and good profit added to balance too. hedge scalper is good ea

  12. i have placed order for the forex hedging robot but they suggested me to buy the forex trend robot so i have taken forex trend robot and the progress is satisfactory so far

  13. i ordered the trend robot and received order just in 30 minutes. Now going to test the forex trend ea and i hope it would be all good

  14. i have purchased three of their forex robots. forex scalper robot, forex hedging robot and forex trend robot.
    The first number i will give to forex trend robot which made 53% a month
    the second rank would be forex hedge robot which made 40% profit
    and the last number goes to forex scalper robot that made 36%
    that’s all the progress in a month

  15. used the forex trend robot and followed the youtube video for the parameters adjustments. used 800$ trading balance and made about 10% in 10 days.

  16. i am amazed that how the EA cover all the losses and easily come out of every market conditions. really happy to have this ea

  17. i think forex trend ea really work well. i am using this EA for about 10 months and the ea never hit any huge drawdowns. it has been working well in most of the time. but some times it hit a small drawdown and then later on it come out with profit. strategy is good and profitable

  18. its been now 2 years of using the forex scalping robot. the profit so far is about 1000%. yes some times it hit the drawdowns but then quickly it come out of losses. also the support is very nice and responsive. thank you

  19. the forex scalper ea made about 5% in a week. but i was said that it has ability to make about 30% a month. if this so it will make about 20% a month. so lets see

  20. Hi,
    The hedging ea is great but had some issue in understanding the EA inputs but thanks to the author for explaining all the inputs very clearly.
    will update soon again.

  21. in early two weeks i was not happy with the Gold EA because there was not profit and it was going to drawdowns of 10% but then finally it has started running in profit and good progress in two months. recommended

  22. i purchased the forex gold EA. the first week it was not doing well but they told me to let it keep running. and then after a week its rocking now

  23. I was looking for a great forex EA for the longer time. and finally the forex trend ea made my trades successful. thanks for the great service

  24. overall i would recommend the forex trend EA and the forex hedge ea. in about 5 months of using both forex robots performed well. so satisfied

  25. Forex trend robot is really one of the great EA that i am using. it has been a year now that it proved its successful performance. really thanking eatrades

  26. bought many eas online. but the way hedging ea is satisfying. its really amazing and great ea for the professional trading

  27. i bought the forex scalping robot and used it for a month. so far the progress is good but i think that the real review is only possible after a six month trading.

  28. very poor performance. i bought the trend ea just a week ago and so far it has not even made 1% of profit. just running in losses

  29. satisfied with the MT4 forex trend ea and then order MT5 forex trend EA. it made the same result. happy and recommend it.

  30. now its about a month that i am using the hedge ea, made about 43% in a month. but the drawdown was a little high as it was reached to 25% but still i can say that this robot is good in recovering the drawdowns

  31. used hedge robot and had results from the first day. would like to recommend it as its responsive and well coded.

  32. Really loving the forex news trading ea. really fantastic results with only short term trading. great job

  33. just bought the scalper ea last night and it has started the live trading instantly. good results

  34. backtesting the EA and it has proven really amazing results. so now going to use the trend ea on live account so lets check it out

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