Risk Involved in Trading

Forex trading may lead to high risk of losses. A user of our software or any service must keep in mind that the forex market movements are unpredictable and you may lose some or whole amount of your investment. In such case we doesn’t take any responsibility to your funds, investment or losses. All losses must be beard by user himself.

Trading Account Numbers

Any of the EA you purchase from us are going to work on one real account and unlimited demo accounts. Once you receive the EA then the real account cannot be changed later on or replaced with the other account. So it is very important for you to double check the account number while placing your order. and only write the correct real account number in the order form of our website while placing your order.


If any of the EA is updated it will be automatically sent to you. but if we forgot to send you updated version. you may ask for the updated version of the EA. but note that EA will be issued for the same trading account through same email which you have used for placing order.

Updates are totally free of cost if the EA were updated because of any error. So we fix the error and send you the update for free. but if the EA is updated for change of strategy then user may need to pay a portion of amount for the EA because of strategy changed in the EA.