Forex Hedging Robot – Hedging EA

Forex Hedging Robot is one of our best forex hedging EA with super profitable hedge strategy and lowest drawdown. Its the EA that always keep your floating amount positive. The main strategy of hedging robot depend on hedge orders to go safe in market and earn maximum profit. Our forex hedging EA is best compatible forex robot that work in all type of market conditions and all type of forex accounts. Forex hedge EA can run for longer term because it can’t fall down into losses as it uses the hedging strategy and it keep many of the positions locked in hedge. That’s the reason why it has more potential for the profit and less risk. When a system using hedging strategy it can survive in the forex market for longer time while other forex robots will fail to survive longer. Forex hedge system can make forex trading easier and profitable. By using our Hedge robot you will be able to trade in forex market without any tension or fear of losses because this forex hedge robot is working for more than 5 years and continuously winning in the forex market. our forex hedging system can win almost every trade using hedging strategy, so many people can show you a huge earning forex hedging robot that can make a good money in shorter time but that kind of forex hedge EA can’t survive longer because they are risky. Our forex hedge robot can work safely even it makes less profit than others but our hedge EA can run for the longer time than others.

Hedging robot is fully automated and automatically adjustable for all the account types and brokers. No matter whether your account is ecn, stp or charge commission. All calculations will be made by robot it self. Moreover it has very easy input to install, only one time installation is enough.


  • Fully automatic
  • Fully auto-adjustable for all brokers all account types
  • Work 24 hours
  • Lowest Risk
  • Highest Return
  • Easy installation
  • Only one time installation
  • Work all major pairs
  • Automatic Stop Loss
  • Automatic Take Profit
  • Trading with same lot size (No Increasing Lot system)


  • 1:400 or higher leverage
  • 3 or less than 3 pips spread on major pairs
  • Virtual Price Server (VPS)


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  1. i have been working in forex market for a long time but couldn’t find a good EA like this one. i think this is the best forex hedging robot i have ever seen

  2. i find it the best forex EA ever. the good thing in this ea is that it has well managed all the orders in all the market conditions

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