MT5 Scalping EA

MT5 Scalping is one of our best forex trading EA that has ability to win in almost all the market conditions. This is the EA which we have been using for more than 6 years on live market on MT4 platform. After its successful performance on MT4 platform we developed it for the MT5 platform with the same strategy and its making 100% same results as MT4 EA.

Forex Scalping EA is designed for the scalping in forex market. Our Scalper EA is not like other scalper EAs that open and close multiple orders in very less time. So many of this kind of EAs fails because of low latency between broker and VPS. This is the EA that work on H1 timeframe and open/close orders slowly and keep the orders more than average time 12 hours.

Our Scalper EA can work on all the market conditions without any manual interruption. Because its based on multiple strategies that change it self according to the market conditions. So you just need to install this EA only one time and then just keep watching in your free time.

What's Special in It?

Fully Automatic

The EA is fully automatic without any manual work except only first time installation. 

Easy to use

The inputs are very clear with drop down menu. So you can select the option according to your choice of trading.

Auto Adjust

The EA can adjust itself according to your broker requirements. You don't need to check your broker requirements to adjust the inputs.

Non Stop Running

The EA can be used without any stoppage. Because the inbuilt strategy can handle all market conditions. (trend or channel)

Best Profit

The EA is designed for the lowest risk and highest profit. The input are given for choose whether you want to earn more profit with more risk or you want to go safe for smaller profit.

Max Profit

The EA is designed for the best profit and consistent profit.

Low Risk

The EA doesn't have any type of lots multiplier strategy that can put your account in risk. our Scalper EA goes with fixed lots to maintain the fixed percentage of risk.

Expected Profit

You can expect about 25% to 40% a month with normal mode. But by changing the inputs, profit can be decreased or increased.

Expected Risk

The EA may face drawdown of 10% to 20% a month. But it can be reduced through inputs. If it is reduced, the profit will automatically reduced. 


You must have 1000$ deposit or more than 1000$ so it can work well.


1:300 or higher leverage is required to run this EA.


To use the EA a VPS is requred, Because the EA need a non stop connection with market.



About more than 3.5 years shows a very clear and consistent growth which is almost impossible in the forex market. But our forex scalper EA made it possible without putting any load on deposit amount. As you can see the account float remained positive most of the time and it never put more than 2% load on deposit.


From 1000$ to 14902$ in 3.5 years on single pair only. But if using 3 pairs, it can make 3 times higher profit. While the profit factor is 3.28 and modeling quality 98%


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