Forex Scalping Robot – Scalping EA

Forex Scalping EA can make money faster and then it easily get out of the market, Our Forex Scalping robot is best for those people who like to trade for shorter term and make profit on daily basis. Our scalping robot is based on one of the best forex scalping strategy that will win in almost all of the times because we enter in the market in right time. many people like to win in forex market scalping strategy but they will lose their money because they keep their forex trades open and wait for the profit. but our forex scalping robot won’t wait for the longer period of time because it uses the shorter stoploss and shorter takeprofit. Our scalping robot is best for daily trading style and for small accounts. This EA is based on scalping strategy and fully automatic. Only one time installation enough. Many people uses a scalping EA that is going to make a huge money on one day but the other day it is going to wash all your account. but our scalping ea is not one of them because we trade safe, even we make less profit than other EAs but we always keeps our account on safer side because safety of your account is our first priority. So then after you can keep making a good amount of profit everyday. A long term profit would be much better than earning one day and losing other day. So here we proudly offer you the scalping EA to make a good and long term profit in forex market.


  • Fully Automatic
  • Work all pairs
  • Work all brokers
  • Automatically adjustable for all account types
  • Spread Filters
  • Dead Stop system
  • Run on small investment accounts
  • Daily profit
  • Fastest growth
  • Lowest DrawDown
  • Trading with same lots


  • Virtual Private Server (VPS)
  • 1:400 or higher leverage
  • 3 or less than 3 pips spread account


There never have been any Forex Scalping EA that can make a good and consistent profit. Our EA can work in all market conditions and it can make a really good results over the long period of time. You will find the a positive growth in your forex account on daily basis.

As you can see the below picture that is grow smoothly without any up down zig zag. It has made 160% profit with only 10% drawdown. There wouldn’t be any EA that can make a good profit by only risking 10%. Our forex scalping robot can make good returns on small drawdown.

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