View History Orders on Chart

Maybe you have seen trading accounts using investor passwords and you are very anxious to trace their trading strategy that how did they work and how do they open and close their orders? But tool can help you to do so because when you put this EA on the chart it will automatically draw all the trades on chart and there you will be able to see that which trade were open on which time and which price and then it will tell you that which trade were close on what price and what time? This way you can easily judge the strategy that how you can do something similar or better than this. You just need to go to account history and then click show all history and then after you need to install this EA on specific symbol which  you want to trace. This is very simple but very useful EA to find out the strategy that is being used on a account.


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EA NameMT4 Version PriceMT5 Version Price
Hedge Scalper EA350$360$
Forex Prop Firms EA350$360$
Hedging EA
Scalper EA
300$(Not Available)
Trend EA
320$(Not Available)