Forex News Trading Strategy

There are many strategies for the forex market to make money online in forex market. some of them makes profit but most of them fails to make money but they lose money. Many people uses many techniques to get their trades in the trend. But unfortunately they can’t do it. But there is one strategy that will win most of the times which is forex news trading. Because forex news trading is one of the strategy that a trade place pending orders like buy stop order and sell stop order before forex news. and when the forex news or economic event affect the market, the price will move up or down rapidly. In this time one of your order will be triggered which maybe buy or sell. if the market goes up your buy stop order will be picked and if the market goes down your sell order will be picked. so this way market can keep going to the trend. and usually it moves atleast 50 pips and sometimes it can even reach to 500 pips which is all your profit. but if it triggered your trade and didn’t move further, you may close your trade in loss for maybe 10 pips. So you just have risk for 10 pips but you got potential for 500 pips winning. Some people do it manually but some of the people uses forex expert advisors that helps them to make money using multiple currency pairs, because a user can’t quickly place many orders on multiple currency pairs manually.

But we have a EA that is much better than other forex news trading EAs. Because we built it the way none could make. We made it fully automatic that will automatically detect the forex events, automatically open and close trades while other’s EA need to be adjusted for each economic event. So take a look for our forex auto news trading EA.