Forex Gold EA

Trading on Gold pair always been highly profitable than any other pair in the forex market. But Gold trading is same way risky. Our Forex Gold EA can make a good profit on gold trading using hedging and scalping strategies together. 

The EA doesn't work only on the gold pair. but also trade very well on currency markets. like GBPUSD, EURUSD, AUDUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY and some other major pairs. 

The EA is fully automated system that can trade on all the market situations and all the trades are managed automatically. There is no need to manual intervention. Also it can work on all the forex brokers in all account types. You just need to have about 1:400 or higher leverage. The EA works non-stop without any break that means that it doesn't lose any opportunity to make money in forex market.

Strategies used in Forex Gold EA

Money Management

The EA is fully automatic and comes with the best money management system. There is nothing to worry about your account. Its automatically adjust the lots, orders according to account and market situation.


The EA uses hedging strategy as part of its multiple strategies to protect the account in forex market. in order to run safe, the system uses hedging strategy when the market goes worst.


Many of the time market moves within one range and gives a lot of opportunities to make small profit in these moves. That's why forex Gold EA doesn't leave any opportunity to make profit in the market. and it uses scalping for small profits.


There is a small portion of the correlation is used. When one pair is unable to come out of drawdowns. then the other pairs helps it to come our of losses through correlation strategy.


Fully Automatic
Non-Stop Trading
Best Money Management System
Suitable For All Types of Brokers
Best Account Protection System
Uses TP & SL
Ability to Handle All Market Situations
Easy Installation
24 Hours Working
Trading on Gold and Major Currency Pairs

EA Requirements


1:400 or the higher leverage is required to run the EA


The Balance must be 1000$ or above this

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

A VPS is required to use the EA for non-stop running. 

Performance Results