MT5 Forex Trend EA

Trading in trend can always result in profit. but trading against trend might be very risky. So that's why we brought you the best trading system to trade according to market trend and win in almost every market movement. Forex Trend EA is developed for fully automated trading and it has ability to work in all market conditions without any manual interruption as it can handle all the market conditions by itself. The has been tested on more than 4 years backtest and more than one year on real market test on real accounts. In these tests the Forex Trend robot always performed very well and made a good profit without hitting any huge draw downs. Also it comes with auto adjustable features that can be adjusted to all the brokers easily without any manual adjustments.Forex Trend EA basically comes with double strategy whether which do you want to use? a Grid strategy or inbuilt signals strategy? Both ways it makes profit but the risk and profit ratio is a bit different so the user can use according to his choice.

Fully Automated

The EA is fully automated that can handle all the market conditions by itself and you doesn't need to make any manual work to use this EA. 

Trend Trades

The EA use multiple strategies to indicate the market trend and open orders towards market trend. But if somehow it fails to find the market trend, It can recover the losses faster

User Friendly

Many options available to control the risk and return according to your choice. So there is nothing to worry about controls. The EA let you control all features.

Easy to Understand

Most of the options comes with drop down menu which makes it easier to understand the inputs and adjust according to user choice.

Profit Control

EA is suitable for every trade whether you want to make slower money by keeping your account safe or you want to make faster profit. Inputs are available to adjust on your choice.

Expected Profit Loss

The default inputs are adjusted for the normal risk and normal profit from which you can expect about 40% to 50% profit a month while 10% to 20% drawdowns.


At least 1000$ of above balance required to use the EA


1:400 or higher leverage required to use the EA


4 pips or less than 4 pips spread


Virtual private server is needed to run the EA for non stop running.