TP & SL Adjustment EA

TP & SL Adjustment EA can adjust all the take profits and stop loss of all those trade orders that are running in your mt4 terminal. You just need to install it on one currency pair and then you need to set the inputs that how much tp and how much sl do you want? Then after click ok and click turn on auto trading. After that EA will automatically adjust all the take profits and stop losses of all trades. But if you want to use only one functions, lets say you want to adjust only the take profit and doesn’t need to interrupt stop loss then put the stop loss value “0” in the EA inputs that means its gonna work only for the take profit but doesn’t change any stoploss. You don’t need to install it again and again. it need to be installed only on one pair only for one time and then after its gonna work for all existing orders and newly opened orders. Whenever you open a new order it will automatically adjust the take profit and stoploss according to your given inputs in the EA.


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EA NameMT4 Version PriceMT5 Version Price
Hedge Scalper EA350$360$
Forex Prop Firms EA350$360$
Hedging EA
Scalper EA
300$(Not Available)
Trend EA
320$(Not Available)