Forex Trend EA

Trend robot is one of our best system to follow the market trend. Many people lose their money in forex because they can’t find out the market trend and most of the time market goes against them. But out trend robot doesn’t uses any indicator or strategy to predict the market trend. It is the strategy that keep changing itself according to market movements and let you run with market trend. No matter where market moves and how much does it move? The EA can survive longer in market and makes good profit.


  • Completely Automatic Robot
  • One time installaion
  • Work on all brokers
  • Work on all account types
  • Fastest profit making strategy
  • Following market trend
  • Lowest risk
  • Lowest margin uses
  • Complete money management system
  • Time filter, spread filter
  • Dead stop system


  • 1:400 or greater leverage
  • VPS
  • <3 Pips spread